Introducing the AVERTIS Atmospheric Protection Service

Pathogen and microbe-free facilities 24x7 (inc. COVID-19)

Clean, Sustainable environments with unmatched air quality

The first 24x7 Active Immune Service for all your facilities and occupied spaces

Microbes including viruses, bacteria, mould, fungi and chemical odours pose one of the biggest health risks that today, can exist in the air and on the surfaces of your premises. Without an effective sanitisation and disinfection strategy, these microbes can create an endless and potentially dangerous cycle of infection and disease.

Very few cleaning or air filtration products can continuously and effectively destroy all known microbes, both airborne and on the surfaces of your assets and facilities. Especially when these spaces are occupied and being used by staff, customers and/or the general public. Manual cleaning and fogging solutions are inefficient, costly and can potentially expose individuals to harsh and toxic chemicals.

Protect every inch of your indoor spaces from microbes whilst premises are occupied with the AVERTIS Advantage Service – a clean air and BioDefense solution that protects the air and all your surfaces 24×7. A green and sustainable approach to protecting staff, customers and the public, allowing your business to remain operational all whilst reducing the transmission of microbes 99% or higher.


Destroys all Indoor Surface and Airborne Contaminants


Continuously Eliminates Air-to-Air Pathogen Transmission

Pests & Odours

Reduces Pests and Volatile
Organic Compound / Smells

Plug & Play

Deployed in Minutes, Operates
24x7 with Low Maintenance


Natural, Non-toxic and is Active
when Facilities are Occupied


EU (CE) and USA (EPA) Approved

COVID-19 and your Organisation

Protect Your Organisation from Corona Pathogens and their Transmission with the AVERTIS Advantage Service

Kill COVID-19

Kills all Corona type viruses
in a matter of minutes

Reduce Pathogens

Reduce all surface and airborne pathogens throughout your premises

Protect Facilities

Protect your facilities 24x7
even when occupied

Drives Economy

Create 'Green Safe Zones' to
help drive the economy

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Mask-Free Environment

Achieve a mask-free environment for your staff and customers

Naturally Safe

Safely protect people with our certified products

Destroys microbes, pathogens and insects to protect your premises, people and customers


0 %
reduction within 2 hrs
Including COVID-19


0 %
reduction within 6 hrs

Mould & Fungi

0 %
reduction within 6 hrs

Insects & Pests

0 %
killed within 72 hours

Odours & Smells

Removes all types of volatile
organic compounds and smells

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